Transcribing “Panic!”

Mass Fear can turn ordinary people into a mob. The result is often mass tragedy. By Mavis Gallant, Standard Staff Writer. One night last month Quito, Ecuador, a bad joke was told for the second time and still wasn’t good for laugh. Over Station HCQXR came the same report that had panicked Americans 11 years… Continue reading Transcribing “Panic!”


Transcribing “Freud or Double Talk?”

With the exception of atomic energy, no subject has been abused like psychoanalysis. By Mavis Gallant, Standard Staff Writer. “A woman’s soul is laid bare,” reads a book page advertisement, “under the scalpel of psychoanalysis.” Two pages over, we find that in the latest mystery story, analysis is used to track down a murderer. And… Continue reading Transcribing “Freud or Double Talk?”

Assisted Suicide : a Controversy to Date

Transcribed Critical Commentary of Gallant’s Journalism  The Québécoise short-story writer, essayist, and novelist Mavis Gallant was also a journalist for the Montreal Standard from 1944 to 1950. As a reporter, she interviewed and covered various social and moral issues like biculturalism, marriage, racism, immigration, and euthanasia. The weekend newspaper included advertisements, photographs and illustrations, cartoons, feedback from… Continue reading Assisted Suicide : a Controversy to Date